Market News
The bears continue to persecute! Gold once probed 1480. Tonight, Britain's Brexit welcomes the historic test! 2019-10-22 Brexit once again "cross-section"! Is the market "bored"? Gold continues to consolidate in a narrow range 2019-10-21 The Brexit agreement faces the final level! Gold is ups and downs, and multiple risks are approaching tonight 2019-10-18 The news of Brexit caused the gold to be hit overnight! The bulls are trembled and the technical aspects are not optimistic? 2019-10-17 The safe haven is coming back! Trump's tariffs point to Turkey. Gold bulls are poised to re-emerge? 2019-10-15 Take history as a guide! A key picture: If this happens, gold or a new round of bull market 2019-10-14 Global Focus on Sino-US Trade Negotiations, Gold Rise Back in Early Years 2019-10-10 A trade news raids the market! Gold and the dollar jumped in a short line. Tonight, Powell fears to ignite big market. 2019-10-08 Investment bank: Financial markets seem to be fragile Gold investors need to pay attention to this price 2019-10-03 The WTO also joined the downward revision of expectations. Sterling waited for this week's heavy test and the reversal of the fate of gold? 2019-10-02 24K99 weekly gold survey: violent fluctuations! The price of gold is nearly 50 US dollars. These two big things will ignite a bigger market next week. 2019-09-30 Technical danger signal scares long heavy GDP data hits gold and long-term fierce confrontation 2019-09-27 Technical danger signal scares long heavy GDP data hits gold and long-term fierce confrontation 2019-09-26 Gold fell again 1530, but the technical side is still optimistic. Be wary of unexpected news in the US political arena. 2019-09-25 The bears are still eyeing? Unless gold effectively breaks this level, the 1500 mark is still dangerous. 2019-09-23 The news of Brexit and the Middle East overnight were all important news! Gold returns to 1500, today is not calm 2019-09-20 A huge sell order! Gold fell by up to $28 overnight. Trump could have a big move within 48 hours. 2019-09-19 The Saudi incident detonated the global panic! Gold or a strong rebound 2019-09-17 Saudi oil thunder! The risk hike surged, and the gold rose more than 20 US dollars in early trading. Crude oil once surged 19%. 2019-09-16 The gold price staged a high platform diving overnight! Gold technical analysis: If it is confirmed that the price is broken, gold prices are still expected to rise. 2019-09-13